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GOECOLIFE Ultra-Quiet GXC1620T Cross Shredder


The GoECOlife GXC1620T Commercial shredder can be used by 10 users+, shreds upto 16 sheets into a 105 litre bin plus staples, paper clips, credit cards, CD/DVDs. It has a continuous motor!

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The GoECOlife GXC1620T shredder is designed for commercial use which means more than 10 people can use this in a large office or department . It's built to last, it's a robust shredder with a 24 hour continuous motor which means you dont need to wait between shreds for the motor to cool down. This means you don't need to watch who is using the shredder and for how long all the time in fear it being over used and might burn your office to the ground when the motor overheats. No, the strong motor on this means it can be used continuously. This great commercial shredder also shreds paper clips, staples, credit cards and DVD/CDs.The GXC1620T is also an ultra quiet shredder meaning you can have it close to someones desk and you wont get any complaints.

Certified CarbonFree®

To meet the rigorous standards of the CarbonFree Product Certification Program, GoECOlife™ assessed the carbon footprint of this product throughout its lifecycle and offset the carbon footprint of the product through investments in renewable energy and reforestation. GoECO™ Energy-Saving Technology prevents phantom power loss, so you use less energy and save money! Meets RoHS standards that restrict the use of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Responsibly packaged. Use of recycled or recyclable materials were used to package this product. No use of styrofoam or plastic tape


GREEN PACKAGING - Recycled (or partially recycled) and/or biodegradable materials were used for packaging and printed materials. No styrofoam, plastic tape or plastic bags were used to packaging this product. Less trees were sacrificed to package your shredder! Equivalent to the Staples SPL-NXC16A Shredder. Part of the GoECOlife™ VORTEX™ Heavy-Duty Shredder Series


 GoECOlife GXC1620T Commercial Shredder Features:

  • GoECO™ Power Save Switch automatically powers down after 30 minutes of non-use which
  • prevents costly phantom power loss
  • Vortex Cutting System ensures optimal performance
  • VoiceAssist Technology for passive, audio trouble-shooting
  • ZeroJam Overfeed Prevention Technology eliminates paper jams
  • InfoCenter LCD Panel displays 7 visual flashing alerts
  • Particle Sweeper-Leveler increases bin capacity
  • Dynamic Bin-Full Indicator with flashing LED meter that displays waste level
  • T-Door space-saving design allows for easier basket removal in tighter spaces
  • Separate CD/DVD waste bin keeps plastic out of your green paper waste
  • All-Quiet Operation so you don't disturb those around you
  • Shreds Credit Cards, CDs/DVDs
  • Auto On/Off

GoECOlife GXC1620T Commercial Shredder Specifications:

UPC 854191000161
Manufactured In China
Manufacturer GoECOlife
Manuf Part # GXC1620T
Model GXC1620T
Weight 101.4000
Dimensions 21.34" L x 18.11" W x 34.92" H
Expected Ship Date 1-2 Days
Shipping Weight 116.84 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 26.57" L x 19.09" W x 38.98" H
Warranty Three year limited warranty, with lifetime on cutters
Color Black/Grey
Special Info GoECO Energy Saving Technology, Carbon Free Product, Green Packaging, Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Compliant
Cut Type cross-cut
Security Level 3
Shred Width 0.16"
Shred Length 1.38"
Sheet Capacity (maximum) 16
Bin Capacity (gal) 25.36
Throat Size 10.43"
Shred Speed (Feet/Minute) 20.67
Can Shred: CDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Staples
Shred Container Type Plastic Bin
Horse Power 1.07
Continuous Motor Yes
Auto Oiler N/A
Voltage 100 - 120v (Standard)
Power Options / Other Info 120V/60Hz
Noise Level (db) 53

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