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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

Our Specialised Store Helps You Buy Wire Binding Machines for Your Business

One of the biggest ways a company can help provide a convenient service to its customers is to combine multiple related products and sell them together under one roof. As the premium Australian-owned digital retailer of paper shredders and related products, Shredders Online may lack the roof, but we can still follow the same principle. That’s why we’re now offering the same incredible, generous deals on our impressive range of electric binding machines. The machines available offer a variety of different techniques and price points, so head over to our fully-featured digital catalogue and start exploring the options today.

Electric binding machines can help hold your business together

Often overlooked, the impact of an office document binder is impossible to ignore once installed. For any business which must prepare outwards-facing or weighty paper documents – nearly all of them when you consider sales brochures, training manuals, minute meetings and the like – an electric binder will make your documents easier to prepare, easier to handle, and easier on the eye. Binding documents professionally is just so simple and beneficial with these relatively inexpensive machines that it’s hard to think of a reason not to have one. While there is not the external legal impetus to buy them that there would be for our commercial document shredders, for the businessperson who understands the power of presentation, they are impossible to go past. Step up your game and buy wire binding machines from us; advertise yourself and your business better with neat, readable documents.

Our team will help you find a binding method which suits your needs

Like our main business of shredding, binding documents can actually describe a range of similar processes, which nevertheless produce different results and require different devices. Speak with our expert staff and they can work with you to decide whether your office is in need of a fast, easy comb binder, a machine capable of the durable wire binding technique, or the top standard for public documents, thermal gluing. Whatever your fancy, our web store contains the devices to get it done, and at a price your company can afford.

Investigate our range of office document binders today and get free delivery on your purchase

As with all of our online sales, Shredders Online take great pride in providing customers the ultimate in secure and convenient shopping experiences. Our online-only business model keeps prices low and keeps us flexible, always up to date with the newest products as they arrive. Why not look at what we have in stock right now?