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Buy SCEC Endorsed Document Shredders, and Guarantee Your Office Security

Even as we continue into the computer age, the flow of paper documents around the modern office is a constant, necessary thing, the lifeblood of internal communications. When some of these pages pass their use and pile up, or simply reveal sensitive business information, an office shredder is the classic, obvious solution. But few companies have looked into the finer details of document shredders; to avoid wasting money and potentially undermining your business security, make sure you do the research and understand the type of device you need.

Whichever model that is, Shredders Online are the Australian-owned specialists to provide information on personal or departmental shredders and binders, and sell them at the most competitive of prices. Look through our user-friendly online store and see which office shredder is right for you.

How secure is your office shredder

Different businesses have different requirements for security and different reasons for buying from us; not all of them are concerned with the complete destruction of all shredded documents. But if your business is responsible for handling and destroying sensitive information, then it’s vital to realise that not every office shredder is created equal. Numerous grades, shredding techniques, and technologies such as CrossCut exist, each of which impact how thoroughly your documents are destroyed and the potential for their contents to be recovered.

Shredders Online assists our consumers by not only making note of any of these technologies that might be included in a product, but also alerting them as to which have SCEC endorsement. The Security Construction and Equipment Committee is an Australian Federal Government committee, responsible for applying security standards for the most sensitive information handled by government departments. SCEC endorsed shredders are trusted to protect our national security, so you know they’re a safe bet to protect your business details as well.

Find the right document shredders at the right price and get free delivery too

Shredders Online are the leading name in retail document destruction devices. By dedicating our efforts solely to our online store we have not only produced the most complete web catalogue in the field, covering leading brands of document shredders such as Fellowes, but we are able to keep our prices lower. Not having brick and mortar outlets means savings on staff and on overheads, and we pass those savings directly on to our customers. We even offer free delivery for Australian customers.

Don’t delay in making your business secure; call our office today on 1300 300 596, or email Your customers and employees are counting on you.