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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

Scale Up Your Operations with Our Range of Departmental Paper Shredders

It’s easy to understand that the larger a business, the larger the amount of paper it will have to shred, and the more important it is that such shredding be carried out to the proper standard. Although the function may be similar, the sort of hardware required to carry out document destruction on the scale of an entire company or department means those machines are frequently very different from their small office or home counterparts.

As Australia’s premiere digital retailer of these machines, you can trust Shredders Online to stock the widest range of devices. Our experts will even help your company find one within that range which suits it best. Our departmental shredders are well suited for offices of 10 or more users, with individual models carrying more advanced features or handling larger volumes of paper. Speak to our staff and we’ll help you find out which you need.

Don’t pay for features you don’t need; find your ideal departmental paper shredder

It’s important when shopping for these devices to understand that “departmental” is a very broad label, applied liberally to any device capable of shredding more than a small number of sheets simultaneously. As with our range of document binders, the actual capabilities of the machines in our range vary tremendously, and some are more likely to suit a specific set of business needs than others – so it is essential to research your choice before you buy.

Larger departments or those with an unusually high paper output will appreciate the efficiency of our automated cross-cut models which destroy 500 sheets at a time, while those who appreciate the certainty of a finer, hand-fed shred can look into our SCEC endorsed manual models.

Investigate our range alone or with help and track down the shredder for your business

Shredders Online pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and on the excellent customer experience which we provide. In addition to our standard offers of free delivery and secure shopping, you can contact our team by phone or email at any time to seek our advice on your shredder purchases. Call 1300 300 596 or email