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  • Mobile Whiteboards

    Mobile Whitboards - Creativity on wheels! A Huge range of sizes of mobile whiteboards available at Shredders Online.

  • Electronic Whiteboards

    Get Advice on Electronic Whiteboards from Shredders Online.

  • Interactive Whiteboards

    Interactive Whiteboards - Make your lessons and presentations come alive!

  • Blackboards

    We supply Blackboards. Perfect for Bars, Restaurants and Cafe Menu's, Specials and Events

  • Magnetic Whiteboards

    Premium Magenetic Whiteboards - Unleash Creativity in you boardrooms and classrooms with Magentic Whiteboards from Shredders Online

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items
Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items

Buy the Best Quality Whiteboards Online at Shredders

We here at Shredders understand the importance of having quality equipment at your workplace. Not only does having a good standard of equipment in your increase productivity and motivation, it also improves the way your office looks, and that having sub-standard, old, overused equipment makes your office have a shabby, unprofessional look which, let’s face it, decreases morale.

That is why the Shredders team are dedicated to providing the best quality office goods available, including large office paper shredders and cross cut paper shredders and whiteboards available to buy online.

Our range of whiteboards

We provide a range of whiteboards to buy on our online store, including:

  • Mobile – great for portable movement throughout your office.
  • Electronic whiteboards – state of the art, high tech whiteboards for serious business. Contains a memory function for saving information onto PC, SD Memory card, or USB flash memory.
  • Interactive – also state of the art, the interactive whiteboards allow for computer images to be projected onto a board and manipulated with the use of the finger.
  • Blackboards – want to do business old school? Has your workplace got a rustic, comfortable vibe? Blackboards are still an effective and reliable way to communicate messages in meetings, so we’re happy to provide them.
  • Magnetic – Great for attaching external objects to your board and great for fast-paced notetaking.

Quality guaranteed

When you a buy a whiteboard online with Shredders, you can be sure of the highest quality product available, this is our guarantee.

Contact us today to find out more

Want to buy one of our whiteboards online? Contact the shredders team on 1300 300 596 or email us at We also provide a huge range of high security paper shredders, cross cut copy shredders and binding machines.