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  • Home Office

    Use a Home Shredder to prevent identity theft and shred bank statements and bills! We supply small home shredders and home office shredders which come in either strip cut or cross cut varieties. We offer free delivery on all shredders and have a great range if brands including Kobra Home Shredders and Fellowes Home Shredders.

  • Deskside

    Deskside Security Shredders - Cross Cut Shredders and Strip Cut Shredders! If you are looking to shred conveniently from the side of your desk we supply deskside shredders such a the Kobra +1 Series and Deskside Fellowes Shredders. Order online at Shredders Online.

  • Small Office

    Shredders Online has the largest range of small office paper shredders and document shredders! WE supply high security document shredders which are SCEC Endorsed Level 5 shredders to Class A and Class B Shredders. If you are ooking for modern features such as Jam Proof Shredders or Touch Screen Shredders take a look at our huge range at Shredders Online.

  • Large Office

    The Most Reliable High Security Shredders

    We take the confidentiality of your documents very seriously. This why we provide Australia with top quality high security shredders and cross cut paper shredders suitable for destroying secret documents that may important for your business.

    Why it is important to have a shredder at your company

    Having a high security paper shredder or cross cut paper shredder is important for your business for the following reasons:

    • To increase the security of your business – due to the increasing competitive nature of business, it is important to properly destroy your papers instead of just disposing them. If your business’s important documents fall into the hands of a competitor, they may use your sensitive documents against you or steal your business’s ideas. If sensitive documents fall into the hands of a competitor, they are able to use them how they please and with no legal consequences.
    • Improved storage space and management – have you ever been into an office storage space, or looked in the filing cabinets of an office and found nothing but old, obsolete documents and files? Well this is probably due to the hoarding of these unnecessary documents. Having stockpiles of papers that are no longer needed for your business does nothing but to take up space and reduce productivity.
    • Legality – some businesses are legally required to dispose of an individual or client’s documents once they have been utilized. Having a functioning paper shredder at your office is important as it makes disposing of these documents quick and efficient.

    High security shredders we provide

    We provide products that will reduce your sensitive forms to unreadable pieces of strips and confetti. If you buy products with us, you can be ensured of peace of mind and the relaxed feeling that your documents will not be tampered with.

    Put your trust in Shredders

    When you buy a cross cut copy paper shredder from Shredders you can be assured that your documents are going to be properly disposed of – this is our guarantee. They are efficient, effective, and reliable. We also provide binding machines, whiteboards, and a whole other range of office products.

  • Departmental

    Scale Up Your Operations with Our Range of Departmental Paper Shredders

    It’s easy to understand that the larger a business, the larger the amount of paper it will have to shred, and the more important it is that such shredding be carried out to the proper standard. Although the function may be similar, the sort of hardware required to carry out document destruction on the scale of an entire company or department means those machines are frequently very different from their small office or home counterparts.

    As Australia’s premiere digital retailer of these machines, you can trust Shredders Online to stock the widest range of devices. Our experts will even help your company find one within that range which suits it best. Our departmental shredders are well suited for offices of 10 or more users, with individual models carrying more advanced features or handling larger volumes of paper. Speak to our staff and we’ll help you find out which you need.

    Don’t pay for features you don’t need; find your ideal departmental paper shredder

    It’s important when shopping for these devices to understand that “departmental” is a very broad label, applied liberally to any device capable of shredding more than a small number of sheets simultaneously. As with our range of document binders, the actual capabilities of the machines in our range vary tremendously, and some are more likely to suit a specific set of business needs than others – so it is essential to research your choice before you buy.

    Larger departments or those with an unusually high paper output will appreciate the efficiency of our automated cross-cut models which destroy 500 sheets at a time, while those who appreciate the certainty of a finer, hand-fed shred can look into our SCEC endorsed manual models.

    Investigate our range alone or with help and track down the shredder for your business

    Shredders Online pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and on the excellent customer experience which we provide. In addition to our standard offers of free delivery and secure shopping, you can contact our team by phone or email at any time to seek our advice on your shredder purchases. Call 1300 300 596 or email

  • Commercial

    For advice on Heavy duty Commercial paper shredders contact Shredders Online. We supply Kobra & Intimus Commercial Shredders, Offer the best prices, Assembly and After Sales support on all products. We supply commercial shredders to large businesses, transport companies, manufacturers and governemnt departments! Please call Shredders Online today on 1300 300 596

  • Government

    The Leading Suppliers of Government Shredders

    We understand that, due to their often sensitive nature, government documents need to be handled with the utmost security and confidentiality, which is why we provide superior quality paper shredders that meet all government approved shredding standards. We offer both Class A and Class B shredders, meaning that the confidential nature of your documents will not be compromised. Our range includes leading names in the paper shredder market, such as Kobra, Intimus, Dahle, HSM and Ideal — to name but a few. With our government pricing and free and fast delivery across the country, Shredders Online truly is your number one choice. Explore our range of shredders and find the one best suited to your needs today!

    About Shredders Online

    Welcome to Shredders Online, where you will find the go to destination for people all across Australia who are looking for top quality shredders at affordable prices. Alongside our dedicated government shredders, we also provide a broad range of shredders for all applications, from home use to commercial applications. Our excellent reputation has been built upon our dedication to always providing the best solutions that are available on the market at reasonable prices, alongside a level of customer service that is second to none. Buying from Shredders Online gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving superior quality shredders, delivered right to your door no matter where you are located in Australia.

    Get a question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch

    At Shredders Online, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. So if you have any questions about our government shredders or any other products in our range, or wish to make a general enquiry, our friendly team is always happy to help. To get in touch with us, all you need to do is simply pay a visit to our contact page now, and we’ll have an answer to your questions in no time. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Cardboard Shredders

    Get Great Advice on Cardboard Shredders & Packaging Shredders! Contact Shredders Online Today!

  • Shredder Balers

    Industrial Shredders & Shredder Balers available at Shredders Online. Heavy Duty Balers various brands in stock.

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Showing 91 - 117 of 117 items
Showing 91 - 117 of 117 items

High Quality Commercial Shredders Online

We are dedicated to securing your sensitive files and documents and making sure they don’t get into the hands of competitors and people who may try and use them against you for legal reasons.

Having the ability to destroy your documents in the quickest and most efficient way is important in the increasingly competitive world of business.

This is why having an effective paper shredder machine at your office is an imperative piece of equipment. They destroy your documents beyond the point of recognition and once your document has been effectively shredded there is no chance of retrieving the destroyed piece.

Shredders provides a great range of products. We realise the effectiveness and importance that destroying sensitive documents has for your company and we want your office to have the most reliable product available.

Importance of paper shredders

Paper shredders are important for your business for a range of reasons, this includes:

  • Business safety – if your sensitive files were to end up with a competitor, they could steal your company’s ideas or even try to use them against you for legal reasons. The world of business is tough and competitive – some companies will stop at nothing to bring down a competitor and having a reliable machine is important to stop this from occurring.
  • Storage space – a reliable heavy duty paper shredder is important for freeing up the space in your office and allowing for new space for the important files. If your office is bogged down with obsolete files they can become confused with the necessary ones – reducing your company’s productivity.
  • Environmental – properly disposing of documents is environmentally friendly as destroyed paper is effective for composting and recycling.

Our range of commercial paper shredders

We have a huge range of products including:

Want to purchase a commercial paper shredder?

The Shredders team takes the privacy of your documents seriously, that is why you should purchase your offices heavy duty paper shredder with us. Contact us on 1300 300 596 or email us at to order your product and receive free delivery. We also provide whiteboards, binding machines, and a whole other range of office supplies.