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Intimus 175 CC6 NSA Shredder View larger

Intimus 175 CC6 NSA Shredder


The Intimus 175 CC6 is an NSA Approved Shredder which cuts paper into 0.8 x 4.5mm micro cuts. It has a 405mm throat, a 175 litre bin.

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Our class winner. Sophisticated, low-noise technology. Large collecting bin in a dustproof cabinet. Comfortable operation. Auto reverse when overloaded.     


  • DOD Approved
  • Meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-01
  • Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL)
  • Material: shock resistant plastic, wood
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible use
  • Dustproof enclosed cabinet
  • Innovative concept for noise insulation


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Iintimus 175 CC6 Product Description:


  • Intimus® PRO data shredders are equipped with the EcoLogic energy management system as a standard feature. Time-responsive electronics put the shredder into “sleep mode” after it has been idle for some time, automatically reducing its power usage to zero. This eliminates the extravagant power consumption of the stand-by mode. Simply touch the i-control® center button and the operational status is instantly restored.


  • The intimus® PRO data shredder series guards against jamming of the cutting unit and stoppage with the DLS Dynamic-Load-Sensor. DLS detects the paper volume as it is fed into the cutting unit. The result of this measurement is communicated to the user by changing colors; like traffic lights, of a light strip in the paper feed area. Tests have proved that the color change of the dynamic load sensor quickly sensitizes the user to a balanced in-feed of paper. The feed slot for CDs, plastic cards, or diskettes is designed to take only the maximum amount allowed.


  • Intimus® PRO data shredders have an array of practical features complementing their versatile options of use. By means of 2 x 2 cut & collect, both types of shredded material are kept completely separate: cutting units and collecting bins for paper - and separate ones for compact data carriers - enabling environmentally-friendly disposal.


  • The intimus® PRO shredder series features Silentec®, a completely new design of the bearing of the cutting head that results in maximum absorption of the variations generated during shredding. Intimus® PRO data shredders not only rank among the most silent models in their class - courtesy of Silentec® - but the sound pattern is also acoustically pleasing. Thanks to this design, an intimus® PRO data shredder never creates a noise disturbance, wherever it may be.


  • Intimus® PRO shredders are supported by i-control®, the heart of the technical concept, that controls the shredder’s functions and provides a visual information center for maximum clarity in operator guidance. In standby mode the intimus® PRO data shredder switches on and off again automatically via a light barrier. The ergonomically designed function buttons are used to switch the shredder on and off, to clear any paper jams and to program additional functions such as access protection.


Intimus 175 CC6 NSA Shredder Specifications:


  size paper (mm)
0,8 x 4,5 mm
  level DIN 32757-1
Shredding capacity 70 g/m²: 8-10 sheets
  speed 70 g/m² (m/Sec.):
0,23 m/sec.
  speed 70 g/m² (sheets/Min.):
465 sheets/min.
  capacity 80 g/m²:
7-9 sheets
  speed 80 g/m² (m/Sec.):
0,23 m/sec.
Cutting speeed 80 g/m² (sheets/Min.): 418 sheets/min.
  width (mm):
405 mm
  paper size:
  volume (l):
175 l
  consumption (kW):
1,9 kW
  voltage (Volt):
120, 20 Amp plug needed Volt
52 db(A)
  gross (kg):
119 kg
  net (kg):
90 kg
66 cm
56 cm
105 cm

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