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GoECOlife GXC180T Shredder


GoECOlife shredders are certified carbon neutral.The GoEcoLife GXC180T shreds upto 18 sheets of paper CDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Staples into a 37 litre bin.

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The GoECOlife Cross Cut GXC180T Shredder is great value and shreds upto 18 sheets into a 37 litre bin. This Office shredder also shreds credit cards CD/DVDs, paper clips and staples. What sets this shredder apart from all other shredders is the fact its manufactured 'green' or carbon neutral more Info below. The GoECOLife GXC180T has a power save switch which means it powers down after 5 minutes to save your carbon footprint. Its packed with features including an LCD panel which features 7 visual flahsing alerts and voice assist technology for trouble shooting. It comes with anti jam technology and is ultra quiet so can be used near to your desk while you're on the phone. It comes with a 2 yr warranty.Machine size: L420xD335xH667mm. Shred noise level: 60dB. 

Certified CarbonFree®

To meet the rigorous standards of the CarbonFree Product Certification Program, GoECOlife™ assessed the carbon footprint of this product throughout its lifecycle and offset the carbon footprint of the product through investments in renewable energy and reforestation. GoECO™ Energy-Saving Technology prevents phantom power loss, so you use less energy and save money! Meets RoHS standards that restrict the use of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Responsibly packaged. Use of recycled or recyclable materials were used to package this product. No use of styrofoam or plastic tape.

GoECOlife GXC180T Small Office Shredder Features:


  • GoECO™ Power Save Switch automatically powers down after 30 minutes of non-use which prevents costly phantom power loss
  • Vortex Cutting System ensures optimal performance
  • VoiceAssist Technology for passive, audio trouble-shooting
  • ZeroJam Overfeed Prevention Technology eliminates paper jams
  • InfoCenter LCD Panel displays 7 visual flashing alerts
  • T-Door space-saving design allows for easier basket removal in tighter spaces
  • All-Quiet Operation so you don't disturb those around you
  • Shreds Credit Cards, CDs/DVDs
  • Auto On/Off

24 other products in the same category: